Shifting the culture of the global workforce towards wellbeing

Natasja speaks to audiences all over the world on how to restore the balance of health in the lives of individuals and entire organisations.

Work with Natasja 1:1 - Functional Medicine

Natasja is available to work with a select number of patients with a functional medical approach.

A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop

Restoring the balance of health

Speaking to Organisations & to the Public

Natasja is available to speak on multiple topics with collectives of people about restoring health and wellbeing.

What People Are Saying

"Dr. Natasja Fox is accurate. Her consultations are comprehensive, results-driven, and revealing. Due to her extensive experience and education in both Chinese medicine and nutrition, she has a unique holistic view of the body & brain. She has the insight and ability to solve complex health issues, both acute and chronic, through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Communicating through a data-driven bioscience lens, patients can track their progress in very tangible ways.

She always looks for the root of the condition and aims to address it there, so her treatments are way more than symptom management, she gets to the crux of the matter, working to resolve pathology. People often come to her after being misdiagnosed, or not getting results with mainstream medicine. I've referred many patients to Tasj who have had great results with the work they have done together. On a personal level, Tasj has helped me understand my body better and I've been able to apply that advice to my lifestyle choices to discover what it requires to feel great and stay well. I am so, so grateful that Tasj is on my team".

Dr Becca Andrews - Cloudgate Therapeutics