Natasja Fox

Shifting the culture of global wellbeing.

Meet Dr Fox. TCM

Natasja Fox is no ordinary Clinician. Defying convention and challenging the status quo of all things health, Natasja is renowned for her fearless approach and expertise in bringing ancient healing into modern day life.


Quality & quantity need not be sacrificed.

After 20 years of dedication, Natasja recognised the need to promote holistic health not only for the individual, but for whole organisations.

Natasja empowers people from all walks of life to take their health by the horns, leading organisations into enhanced states of wellbeing, productivity and workplace culture.

With years of experience and a fiery spirit, Natasja is available to present on a variety of topics, delivering inspiring and digestible content that motivates people towards success, health, and well-being that lasts.

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“A fabulous workshop, packed with relevant information backed by research and evidence – enlightening and empowering! Natasja is incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining and provides a thorough and realistic overview of each subject before exploring in detail. The session reinforces how much of your health and well-being is in your hands and can be shaped by your attitude, behaviours, approach and overall stress management. Plus outlines recognising when to seek support/assistance in achieving optimum health.

A must for all women!”

– Filis G, participant for a full day Seminar on Digestive Health

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