About Dr Fox TCM.

Natasja Fox is a highly trained holistic therapist who has done extensive training in treating a range of health issues including digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and thyroid and adrenal conditions. With over two decades of experience in the health industry and expertise in multiple health modalities, Natasja collaborates with your GP and provides a holistic and scientifically-based treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Natasja untangles even the most complex cases using Traditional Chinese medicine, functional and nutritional medicine. She utilises pathology results run through both your GP and via molecular pathology.

Focus Problem Areas

Gut Health & Digestive Disorders

Hormonal Imbalance

Fatigue Burnout

Poor concentration

Feeling demotivated

Immunocompromised -

constantly getting sick

Mood Disorders

Weight gain

Undiagnosed Conditions

Auto Immune Conditions

Thyroid Issues

Street Cred

  • BHSC – Double Major – Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. 1999 – 2007

  • Principle Practitioner Jing Integrated Healthcare Clinic – 2014 –2019

  • International practitioner and Co-founder of the charitable health clinic in India – Traditional Healthcare 2007 – 2019

  • Senior Yoga Instructor – Yoga Australia. Teaching since 2005

  • Studies in Clin. Pilates – 2015

ACNEM Certifications

  • Environmental Nutritional Primary course 2013

  • Adrenal and thyroid disorders 2014

  • Women’s health 2014

  • Gastrointestinal disorders 2015

  • Allergies and autoimmunity 2017

  • Menopause 2022


Other achievements

  • In 2007, Natasja co-founded Traditional Healthcare, a charitable organisation in India.

  • Dive into the heart of her mission in a captivating short film showcasing the transformative work in West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Natasja's Treatment Approach

Natasja takes an in-depth case history, using functional pathology to identify the root cause of the complains people bring forward, such as:
  • Skin disorders

  • Headaches

  • Weight gain

  • Mood disorders

  • Sleep complaints

During your consultation, Natasja thoroughly explains your pathology results and helps you identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Providing you with a personalised health plan, consisting of treatment phases and timelines, Natasja focuses on the resolution of your complaints.

Additionally, you’ll receive tips and tricks on eating, supplements, herbal protocols, and lifestyle modifications via email.

Speaking & Facilitating

As a senior yoga instructor, clinician and wellness expert specialising in stress management, digestive health, sleep science, and hormonal healthcare, Natasja is a dynamic public speaker.

Sharing her insights on topics ranging from blood gases to metabolic health, Natasja authored a book called 'Reversing the Tired Spiral,' to reach and even broader audience. A testament to her expertise, Natasja also featured in the best-selling 'Evolved Woman'.

Passionate, informed, and dedicated, Natasja's commitment to the well-being of every person she works with. Natasja is available to give a variety of talks dedicated to different topics.

people raising their hands
people raising their hands

Dr Fox is a whirlwind of incredible knowledge and expertise - She can expertly juggle all the moving parts of your body into one cohesive plan to simplify your back to health”.

Dr Fern White - Beacon Cove Dental.

"The analogies used were not only funny but also made it so much easier to grasp the information. The depth of knowledge displayed was truly impressive, and the speaker's passion for the subject shone through brilliantly."

- Raygeon George, participant at Seven Sisters Festival

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