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Come to one of the most divine sanctuaries on the planet to practice yoga, have some fun, and learn about many aspects of health from hormones to the gut.

This retreat is like nothing you have ever experienced and embraces the trilogy of physical arts, educational offerings and is a panoptic spiritual adventure! Expect the unexpected with hearty health talks, delicious food, silence, impromptu soul funk dance, contemplation, saunas, yoga, death meditation, late nights, midday partying by the pool, sleep in’s, pampering, pushing the limits, doing nothing at all, a traditional surprise outing and a rocking journey into the heart of you, without all the bullshit! This retreat allows you to be who you are and do what you love, choosing from the bounty of offerings and create your own retreat agenda. It’s an explosive collaboration of ancient and new tools to fully gear you up to live life fearlessly!

All accommodation, food, yoga, consultation, learning’s and guaranteed fun times with Dr Natasja Electric Fox (TCM)

This incredible 5 day Retreat includes:

– Beautiful shared tropical accommodation at Dragonfly Village
– All magnificent vegetarian meals/ elixirs ( cooking demos with amazing Balinese cooks upon request for those interested)
– A complimentary full body massage
– A micro workshop on Kahuna massage & facial massage. Give and receive.
– Sumptuous pamper outing at deluxe location
– Use of all facilities – pool, sauna & scheduled activities, discourses, meditation and yoga daily in the shala with 360-degree views of rice fields.

Health Topics Covered

The three Group session/ seminar topics with Dr Tasja Electric Fox –

1.Chronic stress and its impact and implication on physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. How to repair your nervous system and habits of the driven, balanced and successful.

2. A discussion on Gut related problems by the poolside. What is causing your gastrointestinal complaints – The role of stomach acidity, pancreatic enzymes, gut bacteria and the biome. What causes bloating and IBS, what is leaky gut and how to treat it.

3. Women’s Hormonal health. – An introduction to the hormones that rule menstruation, fertility and menopause. Looking at what is a ‘normal’ menstrual cycle, what causes PMS, painful periods and absent periods. Fertility markers will also be discussed, all with a touch of Dr.Fox humor.

This is going to be jam-packed with information and things to do, however, there is time for you to take a swim in the salt water pool, sun bake, take a walk, sit at the local rice field cafes, journal, read and rest each day.

A dynamic and life changing retreat – a chance to deeply connect with your whole body and being, learn and explore what’s not working and how to improve and sustain what is.


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