Adrenals & Stress Disorders Lecture Videos

4 x 1.25 hour lecture video series $60

Understand how stress affects the adrenal glands and endocrine system

·       How to recognised the signs of hormonal imbalance

·       Identify active and passive stress

·       How to prevent, manage and treat hormonal imbalance

Fatigue, poor stress handling, emotional, weight gain, depression, anxiety, dizziness, hot flushes, night sweats, period pain, heavy periods, PMS are just some of the symptoms reflecting your adrenals and hormones are out of balance.

In this daylong seminar, you will learn about the biochemical happenings of the stress response and the insights, from a clinician who works with hormonal health, on how to prevent and treat hormonal imbalance.

To identify active and passive stress. Understand the mechanisms of passive stress and how to avoid it.

Learn how to manage your hormonal imbalance from an expert. Live longer, have no menopause symptoms, reduce aches and pains, boost your metabolism, have more energy, focus and vitality, increased libido and better sleep.