The Rebalance Series

June 5th, June 19th, July 3rd  2016

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About the Rebalance Series

Over three Sundays, Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM) will bring you information about the rhythms of life, the gut, adrenals, nervous system, yoga, meditation and vision boards with Natalie Khoury, business and Life Coach.

This three-part series is held at the beautiful Jing Yoga Studio in Lilydale. The Rebalance series takes you on a journey for overall health, wellbeing and living more consciously in your life.

Sunday 5th of June

The first Sunday we will be talking about Life Rhythms. Tips for resetting your circadian rhythm and recalibration of your nervous system. Becoming aware of what you could be doing that is draining your adrenals, and how to nurture them.

This will be followed by a one-hour Yoga Nidra session – guided deep physical and mental relaxation.

Sunday 19th of June

Taking a deeper look at your inner health – gut biome, liver detoxification pathways, hormone pathways and immune system. Tools to repair these systems, and relevant tests to investigate for IBS, fatigue, hormonal irregularities, menstrual irregularities and mood disorder.

This will be followed by a one-hour restorative yoga class.

Sunday 3rd of July

Facing deep-seated fears and moving into the now. We will start with a traditional Zen death meditation. Reflecting on your deepest fear and moving forward into the life you want to live and love.

Business and Life coach Natalie Khoury will then work with you on understanding where there are imbalances in your life by using the wheel of life exercise. You will then have an opportunity to stop, reflect and spend time with some glossy magazines to create your very own vision board to take with you and use every day.


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Normal Ticket – AUD 465.00 | Normal Ticket

VIP Ticket – AUD 585.00 | Includes one-hour consult with Dr. Natasja Fox. A one-hour session with Business coach Natalie Khoury. A copy ‘Reversing the Tired Spiral’ in a printed version of the book.


Jing Integrated Healthcare Clinic

212 Main Street

Lilydale, Victoria 3140

Contact Details:

Dr Natasja Fox @ Jing Healthcare: (03) 9737 6922 or

To Book:  Click Here for TryBooking Site

Dr.Fox works as an educator and public speaker on health, mindfulness and performance. She has given lectures and talks at multiple businesses around Melbourne and at festivals around Australia. Some of the festivals she has spoken at is Seven Sisters festival, Evolve, Byron Spirit festival and Wide Open Spaces. She regularly speaks at Jing Healthcare and holds workshops at Breathe Wellbeing.

To book Dr.Fox to speak on topics such as: Stress Management and adrenal Health, Gut disorders, Hormonal disorders, Mindfulness, the nervous system or Yoga you can contact