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There is a 30 % discount for the month of May and June during COVID. 

If your a new patient please book in for either a 15 – Minute Free chat or an Initial Consult under the Nutritional Consulting tab. 

Dr.Fox will contact you.

Please write in the booking notes how you would like to be contacted, Zoom, Skype or Phone. Phone calls can only be made inside of Australia.

If you would like to be contacted via Skype please send her your Skype contact in the booking notes.

If you would prefer to be contacted via Zoom Dr.Fox will send you a meeting link at the time of the appointment, so please look out for this in your inbox at the time of the appointment.

For patients making a booking who are outside of Australia, this link is useful for making sure your booking the right time –

Your appointment reminder will display Eastern Standard Australia Time (Melbourne City), not the time of the country you are in, so please double check you have the right time upon booking. 

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More About Your Consultation

Finding out what’s right for your health these days can be so confusing amongst all the unsolicited blogs, fad diets and mass marketed so-called ‘healthy’ foods. People are left despondent and disoriented by what they read and hear, and despite trying everything, don’t get any closer to alleviating their symptoms. Others find themselves just not able to find what’s right for their unique biochemistry, so fall back on a diet they’re used to and lifestyle coping mechanisms that can make matters worse.

Dr.Fox aims to explain her reasoning behind what she believes is at the root cause of your symptoms and what your pathology results mean. She will discuss this with you verbally and use diagrams she can show you on screen  (share screens with Zoom and Skype patients).

Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM) is a holistic therapist who helps these people. Natasja has been in the health industry since 1999 and has studied a multitude of health modalities since then. Her main focus is educating her clients to discover and understand the root cause of their signs and symptoms, whether they be emotional, lifestyle-related, biochemical, genetic or dietary, and delivering a treatment plan people can manage and carry out to resolve their complaint. Dr. Fox is able to untangle the most seemingly complex cases using a foundation of Traditional Chinese medicine and overlaying it with functional and nutritional medicine whilst utilising molecular pathology to get to the bottom of symptomatic complaints.

Dr.Fox treats ailments like a puzzle that need to be unravelled and explained in terms anyone can understand. If you see Dr.Fox you will find yourself with:

  • A comprehensive email with dietary instructions, instructions on pathology and test results, a treatment plan, symptoms diary and how to take your supplements.

  • Dr. Fox will provide you with reasoning behind recommended pathology testing and your treatment plan that you can look back on or share with other practitioners.

Using nutraceuticals, lifestyle advice, diet, herbal medicine and humour, Dr Fox regularly helps those suffering from:

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Digestive complaints

  • Autoimmune, thyroid and adrenal symptoms

  • Dermatology

  • Womens Health

  • Mens Health

  • Weight Loss

  • Fertility

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