Muscular Skeletal Conditions

Motor learning is a simple and highly effective technique that allows the body to relearn the best holding and movement pattern for the body and joints. Motor learning corrects dysfunctional movement patterns – overworking and under-working muscles, poor posture, poor joint positioning,  and injury.  Alongside this therapy, painful conditions can be successfully be addressed with acupuncture, trigger point therapy, gua sha (spooning) and Chinese cupping therapy.

Postural Correction

Good posture allows muscles to function as they should. It enhances core muscles to fire, decreases abnormal wear of joints which can over time lead to arthritis, prevents backaches and muscular pain, reduces fatigue and boosts confidence.

Many headaches, mid and lower back pain, and hip pain are associated with poor posture. Back, neck, knee, shoulder and ankle injuries are common with those who have poor posture.

Correcting your posture will not only diminish the pain in your body but reduce the occurrence of injuries and joint problems in the future. It also creates space in your chest and abdominal cavity, which can regulate your breathing and release pressure on your organs.