Finding out what’s right for your health these days can be so confusing amongst all the unsolicited blogs, fad diets and mass marketed so-called ‘healthy’ foods. People are left despondent and disoriented by what they read and hear, and despite trying everything, don’t get any closer to alleviating their symptoms. Others find themselves just not able to find what’s right for their unique biochemistry, so fall back on a diet they’re used to and lifestyle coping mechanisms that can make matters worse.

Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM) is a holistic therapist who helps these people. Natasja has been in the health industry since 1999 and has studied a multitude of health modalities since then. Her main focus is educating her clients to discover and understand the root cause of their signs and symptoms, whether they be emotional, lifestyle-related, biochemical, genetic or dietary, and delivering a treatment plan people can manage and carry out to resolve their complaint. Dr. Fox is able to untangle the most seemingly complex cases using a foundation of Traditional Chinese medicine and overlaying it with functional and nutritional medicine whilst utilising molecular pathology to get to the bottom of symptomatic complaints.

Dr.Fox treats ailments like a puzzle that need to be unravelled and explained in terms anyone can understand. If you see Dr.Fox you will find yourself with;

  • A written health report that contains your treatment strategy and reasoning behind recommended pathology testing that you can look back on or share with other practitioners.
  • A diagrammatic symptoms map, so you can finally understand and connect the reason behind why your symptoms are occurring and see clearly what steps need to be made to correct your ailment and gain back your health.

Using herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, lifestyle advice and humour, Dr Fox regularly works mainly with:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive complaints
  • Muscular and skeletal conditions utilising acupuncture, trigger point therapy and clinical Pilates.

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