Preparation for your Functional / Nutritional Medicine consult with Dr Natasja Fox (D.O.M)

To gain the most benefit from your Functional Medicine consult, please bring a notepad and pen to each session (whether it is face to face, Skype or phone).

Unlike a visit to your GP, who may see you for 5 minutes and give you 2 -3 clear instructions, during a visit with Dr Natasja Fox you will be learning a lot of new things about your own health. You will get a lot of information during your consult and it is your responsibility to keep your own notes.

Dr Fox will email supplement and pathology request information, however can not address any questions you may have via email. If you have any questions in the days or weeks following a consult, please call Reception at Jing Healthcare and we will be happy to arrange a 15- minute phone consult for you.



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